Every sunset is someone else's sunrise.


Christian Thomas Scott Poems


Intertwine my fingers with the moonlight,
And rouse my mind in early strength to bear,
The view of autumn morning's crisper sight,
And lace my feet with tender unwound care.... more »


Words are but a shallow well,
With strength to delve within their source
Of power, in the heart and tongue, and long continuations.
Removing logic from the mind,... more »


Let us break our bread with travelers,
And feast on ashen ruin in the face of stolen graves.
To them a nighttime stroll is nothing more than simple footsteps,
A candle in the cradle of the sea.... more »

Christian Thomas Scott Quotes

Soot drawn Faces Barter Ageless Time is Not a Wealth of Stone.
And frozen are the flames within the green
For what is love but chasing after wind, And living on the brink of living's end?

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