• Accumulation

    When the fabrications who sweetly sing,
    Along the road, washed free of sorrow,
    Now detain forthright the murmurs we bring,
    To seize with a work of will and woe.... more »

  • Ashes

    Let us break our bread with travelers,
    And feast on ashen ruin in the face of stolen graves.
    To them a nighttime stroll is nothing more than simple footsteps,
    A candle in the cradle of the sea.... more »

  • Bohemian

    she, in life so softly written,
    moves between the lines, and lives,
    surrounded by the wind,
    so softly carried by the wind.... more »

  • Breathless

    Perchance the flight of the spirit of men
    Is fed by a luminous strength of the heart,
    To glide over ground with the chill of breath,
    And the pound of the feet upon the world.... more »

  • Castles

    By grace and wonder mighty fortress stood,
    To dare immense and calamity's reply,
    Along the marred and weather-beaten wood,
    Nary a split and scarred approach may try.... more »

  • Cavernborn

    The bitter chill of icy breath
    Sweeps lightly over passing day
    And marking willful sadness takes
    The new approach of scornful daze.... more »

  • Cleft Of Crimson

    The seven wheels were turning on the sand,
    And two were tight as iron's hold on blade,
    The other two were led by strict command,
    And two lay rounded, softened while they're made.... more »

  • Cradle

    Needles pierce themselves upon,
    The sun and shadows, as they sway.
    Clouds of candles carry onward,
    To the Forests where we lay.... more »

  • Dancing

    I have seen the branches waving,
    Blurry lines of color
    As the streetlamps flicker by.
    They follow as I go, yet not too far ahead.... more »

  • Dreams

    Words are but a shallow well,
    With strength to delve within their source
    Of power, in the heart and tongue, and long continuations.
    Removing logic from the mind,... more »

  • Eden

    By nightfall did we reach,
    And so begin our destination.
    As though I would, at least, assume it was a stable course.
    Though unsteady was the travel.... more »

  • Emberglow

    Roaring with uncertain, twisted dancing
    Light restored in velvet, crimson shadow,
    Each way blocked but never unadvancing,
    Until the fiercest storm has gone below.... more »

  • Epitaph

    There but a few words in this revelry,
    That can wring the heart of its joyful tears,
    And the saddest song that a man can sing,
    Is the song of a man with no more years.... more »

  • Evengale

    While peaks for those
    Of cantering, to filter leaves of
    Brush and all, the westward contours
    have their sheen for headlong accommodation.... more »

  • Fablegrown

    Careful ought our tongues portray these moments,
    And purposed stone engrave our every word,
    Fortress of unprecedented minutes,
    By which we hold our time unto the sword.... more »

  • Fairworn

    Delving into depths of darker deeds,
    For one less shadow dims a sunlit land,
    When far below his marching footsteps lead,
    To chaos sound of path without demand.... more »

  • Fire

    When the ground is singed in summer,
    By the spears of light, and those that miss
    The other orbs encircling:
    They are not too close behind.... more »

  • First

    First, there is the primary means
    By which we navigate this realm,
    And all others, are without a doubt
    Inconsequential. For only by the language of... more »

  • Focus

    From rafters as caressed by one fragile
    And reiterated portion, as shown as
    Luminescence: unperturbed by fingers
    Or their absence.... more »

  • For Her

    After the frost left us, and all that shines
    gave birth to new light,
    We held our hands together, in the orchard.
    And every day the dying western sky... more »

  • Forest

    Moth bent flutters of a breath,
    Yet silent as a whisper, on the wind,
    And in the trees. Yet growing ever quietly.
    Voices in the heights and in the mind,... more »

  • Homeward

    Slipping sand dunes, ice cold sundown,
    Windblown waves and soft-streaked bay.
    I liked when you were better off and
    Loving tiptoe tempest tales,... more »

  • Kingfisher

    Tilted over sky and earth, as but a passing,
    Till in grace and in an instant,
    You have overthrown the river, as
    A hiding place and refuge, for the lost.... more »

  • Lackluster

    Years before life curdled fresh,
    There came and naught, where tendrils lay untrampled.
    Footsteps not for half as deep,
    Yet wider placed, as time progressed,... more »

  • Lakebound

    At the center of the rain, where the gravel meets the trees,
    You'll find her, curled by the iron of forgotten memories.
    No echoes play their melodies, for all is silent,
    In the ripples, of the waves upon the sand,... more »