• Coke And Poprocks

    I'm a new soul and I'm changing everyday
    I'll happily walk your way.

    See I'm still learning how to make you smile... more »

  • Dance On The Inside

    The world is crazy on the outside so I dance on the inside.
    School is another place to learn to be drag, so I dare to be different on the inside.
    Confess your sins and confess your sanity and scream on the inside.
    What the world needs is peace and love, also a lesson to be learned, we need a pinch of reality to the other side of things and some common sense.... more »

  • Don'T Even Think About A Sorry From Me

    Tired of trying to a somebody.
    Tired of trying to leave my mark of this damned world.
    Why am I here?
    I never asked for this nightmare... more »

  • From The Bottom Of My Heart I Hate You

    Why did you come into my life?
    I never asked you to, you tore me
    my soul, heart and love.
    Your love was that rollercoaster that was nice while it lasted but it left me bad.... more »

  • Hey

    Hey I can't believe everything has happened.
    I thought you were different.

    Hey it's me, the girl you loved.... more »

  • I Had To Make A Comeback Sooner Or Later

    I'm here making this mixtape thinking of you,
    wrote these lyrics looking for something new.

    Trying to find someone new to do all the things you do.... more »

  • My Feelings Are At Your Disposal

    In this world we are born to die.
    Live to be free
    and yet life is a drag.
    I kill myself with these no bodies that break me then leave.... more »

  • Teenage Love Poem

    Stay with me tonight. Don't leave me just yet,
    it will be as if we never met.
    To feel your warmth and touch,
    and I won't ask for much.... more »

  • The Dark Side Of Pursuing Approval

    'I am Me! '
    She screamed.
    Gone into the wind to be heard by none.
    She was alone in her harsh world,... more »

  • The Last Bitching From Me Manny, I Promise

    So I guess this is goodbye forever
    I mean I will see you and you will be in my dreams
    but it will never be the same. I never wanted to say goodbye
    unless I was sure I would hear say Hi in the morning.... more »

  • This Is Kelly's Poem

    Kelly you've helped me through a lot
    you're the most amazing friend I've got.
    I swear it's no lie,
    and I'm not a dike.... more »

  • Trust Me Im Not Naive In Love And Heartache

    Why is it that I love and betray
    I thought I left that world alone but I seemed to pick it up from where I left off.

    I love you I do but I screw up sometimes,... more »

  • Without You

    Sad.... more »

  • Yep Celine I'M All By Myself

    I guess the joke's on me
    you said I never deserved anyone and its true.
    I thought someone at least one person was going to be my 'someone'
    not my 'other one'.... more »

  • You'Re Every Other Love Song

    Since we have found each other much has happened,
    I find myself giggling to love songs.
    I see people getting annoyed everytime I say your name,
    and I like it.... more »