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Chistina rossetti
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I can't wait to feel her ghost against my shithole
I'm hungry for her fire [3
I have a large erection over this poet
this poet is my life
I just love her poetry
stop it make your own then tks
Shut up vintage i love her poems. You I'll stuff your face with them your such an idiot.
@bumface is clearly just an immature internet troll who can't appreciate true poetry.
lol i hate her her poems stink shes a dweeb XD
these poems are the best my favourite one is what is pink a rose is pink : 3
I like these poems
Beautiful poem, I like your poem.thanks...
Very nice poem
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Athy c. c. Read Rememberby christina georgina rossetti. It's amazingly fabulous
I don’t like the one
I like the one