Christina Georgina Rossetti Comments (25)

I just love her poetry
stop it make your own then tks
Shut up vintage i love her poems. You I'll stuff your face with them your such an idiot.
@bumface is clearly just an immature internet troll who can't appreciate true poetry.
lol i hate her her poems stink shes a dweeb XD
these poems are the best my favourite one is what is pink a rose is pink : 3
I like these poems
Beautiful poem, I like your poem.thanks...
Very nice poem
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Athy c. c. Read Rememberby christina georgina rossetti. It's amazingly fabulous
I don’t like the one
I like the one
I liked the poem The Wind. It is a very gentle definition of wind by the Poet. She has described it very politely and gently. It is great Peom.
I liked The Wind poem.
hello guys? what poems do you suggest from christina rossetti for performing? Please give me one that isn't too long and not too short. thanks!
She is an amazing poet and an amazing story teller. Her work is clever and unique.
Christina Rossetti is a good poet and I love the poem that I have read