• Life And Love

    What is life?
    Should there be a thing called life?
    should there be a thing called love?
    Should I be able to love?... more »

  • Lonley In Love Till Now

    Once I was lonely,
    With no one to love
    To be along in the universe
    for no one to care.... more »

  • Love A Hard Thing

    Love is a hard thing
    A thing of truth with no lies
    Of caring for the one u kiss
    The one that is thier for ur heart... more »

  • Love And Happiness Of Sorrow

    Along forever I shall feel
    Loveless in the air that surounds my soul
    I feel along in this small universe
    and my soul will live along forever... more »

  • Love You, Or Die Along

    Can I love?
    How do I love?
    Do I know what love is?
    Is there a thing called love?... more »

  • Love?

    What does love mean?
    What can love mean?
    What can love do for me?
    What is love?... more »

  • My Love For One Man

    I am loveless
    I have no one to love
    No one to call my own
    To be a long and love along... more »

  • Sadness Of Me

    I feel sadness around me.
    The sadness of my love ones.
    The onces that are crying within thier souls.
    The ones to hide themselves.... more »

  • The Way

    The way u look into my eyes,
    The way u stare makes me smile,
    The way u care
    The way u smile... more »

  • Which Color Maybe?

    Black means darkness,
    Red means blood and vilonce,
    Purple means mad,
    Pink means love,... more »

  • Which Path?

    I can't find a path.
    I can't choose a path.
    I can't decied my destany.
    I can't choose the light or the darkness.... more »

  • Why Me?

    Why I'm I always sad?
    why do I always feel sad when I am happy as well?
    Why do I feel sad even if I don't want to be?
    Why do I cry when i'm sad?... more »