• Air Born

    She tumbled from the sky that night
    White washed and too familiar
    Holding cotton candy dreams
    In her hand... more »

  • An Evening In Portugal

    “…Pessoaic, ” he said
    and my heart fluttered.

    ~... more »

  • And Then, Not

    'Everything that happens where we live happens in us. Everything that ceases in what we see ceases in us. Everything that has been, if we saw it when it was, was taken from us when it went away. The office boy left today.'
    ~Fernando Pessoa... more »

  • Art (And Nothing More)

    …. somewhere, he is standing with a brush in
    one hand and another trapped between his teeth,
    oblivious to the drops of paint that have fallen on his
    collar, on the floor beside him, on the top of his... more »

  • Art (For An Audience Of One)

    I may be Art
    in the way that he was, she was
    in the way that you,
    most certainly, are –... more »

  • Barely Waking

    In that moment
    When awareness collided
    With recollection -
    The thunderous sound of dust... more »

  • Body Of Work

    I’m well aware that they are laying poems
    out on slabs these days – dissecting them –
    dropping their heart, their mind, their guts
    into little dishes and putting their cells under... more »

  • Cleansed

    I only half heard the continuous splash
    Of the water falling wearily into the tub
    From the far away, invisible, silver faucet.
    (some distant part of me, half thought that... more »

  • Cloudy

    I remember
    Fading lines of now blurred ink
    And metal, fascinating metal
    That I confess to have over thought... more »

  • Confession

    To a claustrophobic, the confessional
    was penance enough, she thought -
    an upended coffin filled with rotting sins
    and little more.... more »

  • Debris (Dust Or Diamonds)

    [We won’t survive this as we began it…]

    We’ll be dust or diamonds,
    remnants of the selves we were;... more »

  • Dragonflying

    I am every bit a dragonfly today
    feeding on fleeting days,
    the crisp fall air
    turning my stomach,... more »

  • Five Days (Flight Into Oblivion)

    We were eagles once, soaring, careless, through
    a lightning storm- possibility hooked, undeniably,
    in our talons. We risked the horizon,
    intimidated not by its endlessness but by what... more »

  • Goodbye, No More

    [Parting is never easy... not even for the unfortunately well practiced]... more »

  • Here, Now, Tonight

    Dare I breathe even?
    Would you hear, perhaps
    Even the quietest of inhales
    And exhales, were I to do so?... more »

  • I Left A Poem

    I left a poem on the side of the highway last night.

    With every exhale, words, like litter, escaped me
    To flee-float out and about and along,... more »

  • Icterus

    I believed you once; your ability
    to chase away shadows clouding
    my better judgment.
    You were but a woman with yarn... more »

  • Life After Drowning

    It occurs to me now
    That all that remains unseen,
    Unheard, unfelt, unknown to us
    Does not do so for its elusiveness -... more »

  • Lost Marbles (A Coffee Shop Tragedy)

    “To be honest, ” she said as if
    lying would be nothing new,
    “I seriously thought about
    not telling you.”... more »

  • Next Door

    They’re fighting again -
    disrespect and indifference woven into their raised voices,
    fury and famish lighting their four eyes, their two and two.
    There is no sanctuary that exists between them now,... more »

  • Of Daffodils & Rain

    'For spring had entered the capital
    Walking on gigantic feet.
    The smell of witch hazel indoors
    Changed to narcissus in the street.'... more »

  • On Horses (And Other Tragically Breakable Things)

    [In the spirit of Sylvia Plath and with all the respect that I can possibly muster, I offer this... as just another horse poem]... more »

  • On The Art Of Being (An Open Letter To The Un-Brave)

    Oh, indefinite souls –
    What a feast you’ve left on the table!

    You began, once, like a new star;... more »

  • Pregnant Pause

    [For the record... even I find the choice and extent of the metaphor here really rather odd, and kind of intriguing]... more »

  • Reflecting Gods

    We could be delicate, I suppose
    (if we wanted to tiptoe around
    each other for the rest of our years)
    but I see no point in that.... more »