'A woman made of words is milkweed, bound to rattle open, scatter, and be lost.'

~ Marisa de Los Santos (excerpted from Io's Gift, which was included in her poetry collection, From The Bones Out)


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I Left A Poem

I left a poem on the side of the highway last night.

With every exhale, words, like litter, escaped me
To flee-float out and about and along,... more »


To a claustrophobic, the confessional
was penance enough, she thought -
an upended coffin filled with rotting sins
and little more.... more »

Air Born

She tumbled from the sky that night
White washed and too familiar
Holding cotton candy dreams
In her hand... more »

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Wiskey Pete 23 Jul 2009 08:12
Re: Your poem 'Confession.' (knowing she would sin again) Ahhhhh, how true those words are for all of us.Is not that the point of any confession? To keep trying to be better and confession is that constant reminder to do exactly that-a reminder.