• Anglesea Street

    You’re there for me
    Enveloping trees
    Scraping knees... more »

  • For Shelley

    She died in her mother's arms
    on a Monday night
    Contiki tour now out of sight
    Twenty four... more »

  • Heart's Hope

    Hope in my heart
    Where did it start
    Holding your love... more »

  • I Love You

    What can be said that the mind does not hear
    What can be heard that the heart cannot take
    What can be given that the soul cannot accept... more »

  • Long Night

    I will not wake
    I cannot sleep
    My tears roll soft
    I cannot weep... more »

  • My Darkened Room

    Through the sighing of the night
    My eyes searched the room
    The darkened mist a foreign tomb
    What remnants left of love's sweet bloom... more »

  • Near And Far

    The rain comes down
    Swirling sideways, across
    Beating its rhythm on my windows
    I lost you I lost you it says... more »

  • No More

    This is it
    I can see
    No more us
    No more we... more »

  • Noisy Silence

    White sheets
    White noise in my head
    An empty space in my bed
    I've moved to the middle... more »

  • Open Your Eyes

    Tell me what does love do when it cannot sick around?
    Does it settle with another where its freedom can abound?
    Does it fly around the universe looking for a home?
    Does it hide out in the garden chatting with a gnome?... more »

  • Saturday's Loss

    I lost you on a Saturday
    You came to me with searching eyes
    But didn’t find me
    Oceans I cried... more »

  • Unbounded

    What words to describe it:
    To yearn
    To ache... more »

  • Work It Out

    Life isn’t that hard to figure out
    You live you die you fall about
    Fall in love, falling out
    Frustration makes you shout... more »

  • You Have Me, Completely

    Ah, my love
    Your sweet breath carries me
    across the oceans of my soul, to you
    Towards the truth that hides in my heart... more »