• A Part Of Life-I

    I've seen you time and time again
    you are always on my mind
    But everytime that we get close
    you are locked up inside... more »

  • A Part Of Life-Ii

    I haven't been sleeping at night
    I guess its because of you
    I guess I need my family
    but to you, I'll stay true... more »

  • A Prayer For You

    This morning when I woke up
    And saw the sun above,
    I softly said, 'Good morning, Lord,
    Bless everyone I love.'... more »

  • Against My Will-I

    Against my will
    you were taken away
    Against my will
    you are gone... more »

  • Against My Will-Ii

    Against my will
    you are gone
    Against my will
    you are free... more »

  • Angel In My Heart

    When I have no one to turn to
    And I'm feeling kind of low,
    When there is no one to talk to
    And nowhere I can go,... more »

  • Angry Letters

    I've been hurt sometime ago,
    it started early on-
    I don't know why they chose me,
    but I feel I can't go on.... more »

  • Between You And Me

    We're are free to expose,
    parts of ourselves
    Nobody else knows.... more »

  • Claws In The Soul, Chained To The Past

    Overwhelmed by assault
    Attack or neglect
    Terror and hearbreak
    Self crushed and shattered... more »

  • Dreams

    You are chasing me throughout my dreams
    you are running hard and fast
    I toss and turn all night long
    telling you to leave it in the past... more »

  • Friendship

    Our friendship's a treasure
    we discover each day,
    It cannot be bought
    or given away.... more »

  • Goodbye-Song

    Don't go changin' your life now,
    just cause I'm changin' mine.

    It's time that I am free,... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish that you were here with me
    to hold me tight-
    Keeping me safe and warm at night.... more »

  • In-Love

    I think about the way you walk-
    I think about the way you talk-... more »

  • Loneliness

    Loneliness is...

    not being with the one you love,
    not being able to smile.... more »

  • Mother...I Love You

    Mother, I wish you could know of
    all tose times I am thinking of you-
    Wondering what you are doing
    and feeling.... more »

  • No One Else

    No one else could ever be,
    the special things you are to me.
    Or fill my days, my heart, my world
    so very happily.... more »

  • Reasons Why I Love You

    The way you smile
    The way you look at me
    The way you touch
    Is how I want it to be.... more »

  • Y O U

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue-... more »

  • Your Heart

    Your heart is an open door
    for anyone to come in
    You wear your heart on your sleeve
    but that is not a sin... more »