• Emmy I Love You

    Emmy, you're my everything
    My love will always be there
    Memories of us will be forever in my heart
    You're the best besterest friend ever... more »

  • Him

    He is my everything
    I love him
    He loves me
    I listen to him and he listens to me... more »

  • Im So Sorry

    im so sorry baby,
    but lately.
    everything was changing and i dont know what to do,
    baby i didnt mean to make you cry and you knew this too.... more »

  • Should I Still Be With You

    should i stay with you and be happy?
    most of the times i am overjoyed
    but when i 'm upset, i cry forever
    will we work through it?... more »

  • Why?

    We were once together,
    I thought we would be best friends forever.
    But now i know that you dont care for me,
    And everyone that knows that, can see.... more »

  • You Broke My Heart

    You broke my heart,
    From the very start.
    I dont know why,
    But it made me want to die.... more »