• As I Am

    I will hit with holy anger.
    I am the fierce one
    As a tiger.
    You will feel my Godly wrath.... more »

  • I Shall Float With You On A Breeze

    I shall float with you on a breeze.
    I'll wander and whisper to you
    And be tender like
    The green man.... more »

  • Petals Crushed, Red Rose Bud Dead

    Petals crushed, red rose bud dead
    You sever with your blunt axe.
    You wound ungivingly and act
    Without thought to your victim.... more »

  • Puzzle Box

    When you stop to talk
    You only see his eye.
    His puzzle box is out of reach.
    He chooses the pieces to give.... more »

  • Strong Bones

    I am proud of my strong bones.
    They have never broken.
    They've always supported me,
    Held together unendingly.... more »

  • Wayward Watcher

    Clasped to a trembling branch
    Sits the wayward watcher.
    Watching o'er all the world
    And reaching up with his tender palm... more »

  • Would You Dance With Me

    Would you dance with me
    If I asked you?
    Would you share with me,
    as you said,... more »