Christopher Boskovski Biography

My name is Christopher Boskovski and I was born May 18th 1995 in Dearborn, Michigan. I fell upon writing and writing poetry when one day I was alone and tired and in a dark place and I had a piece of paper and pencil and I just started to write. I wrote and became known as 'The Blue Poet' a nickname I gave myself, because I wrote about the sorrowed heart and love and not finding the one and only. I am a writer and I write. That is all I do, and that is all I am good at, and I wish to persue my dreams of being a writer. I am a good writer and I write what is true and only what is true. I write about love and hate, life and death that tug and pull people back and forth everyday we live a new day. I write for the saddened soul, the sorrowed heart, the love affair that has never seen light, only darkness. I show the sorrowed hearts light and write what is in the heart. My poetry to some is sad, is worthless words on the page, but to most is a story that everyone or anyone who has ever loved someone truly can relate too. I hope you enjoy my work, and I will be pleased to read all of the other's works.