Chris started writing at the age of 15. He has written over One Hundred poems and his dream is to create his own collection of poetry books. Chris is the Great-Grandson of the famous Cape Verdean poet, Pedro Monteiro Cardoso. Chris writes on mostly Love and Depression. Other catogories do fall in his range, however, he has a comfortabilty to write on mostly those two topics.


Christopher Cardoso Poems

Soaring The Sky

Soaring the sky with an Angel of Beauty
The Dragon protects his Angel’s heart
Flying peacefully with her above the blue sea
That forever his glory is the Angel a part... more »

Still Around

Close your eyes and begin to reminisce
About our thrills when you begin reading this
Remembering the times we had together
Because I am bound to you forever... more »

Who Am I

Take a look within my eyes
Tell me what you see
A man that gives up to his demise
Or one who tries to live free... more »

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