An Amateur poet & story writer, attempting to self publish someday soon. I've always been involved in the Arts - music / theater / poetry. What I write about is my life and the instances in it that strike a chord. What you read here is who I am, & as Erykah Badu said, 'I'm an artist so I'm sensitive 'bout my ISH', (paraphrased; p) .Any positive and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.



Christopher Cofield Poems

If I Could See You

If I could see you,
to have one look into your face.
If I could see you,
and hear you speak my name.... more »


Don't cry for me because I'm gone
with every tick of the clock time marches on

Count me among one of your dearest friends... more »

D- For Love

I’m about done here, all packed up & ready to go
It’s no longer fun here, at the last reel the end of the picture show
There’s nothing to be won here, I’ll turn off the lights shut the door & go
Because it’s not what it once was – not anymore... more »

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Ruby Root 06 Aug 2006 09:15
Hi Christopher You are an excellent writer and I enjoy reading your poetry. Very talented. You write with true compassion. Take care.