• ‘cause U Mean That Much To Me

    I’ll stay with U, never leave U - ‘cause U mean that much to me
    I’ll give U my all, lay down my life
    This existence without U means nothing to me - ‘cause U mean that much to me
    I’ll make U as happy as U could ever imagine... more »

  • Am I Living A Lie

    Am I living a lie
    ‘Cause what I feel deep inside
    Doesn’t feel like what loves supposed to be... more »

  • Blood Tears

    I wanna cry till the blood runs from my eyes
    Keep on cryin’ till I fall over dead and die
    ‘cause every moment of this life I live I despise
    I wanna go off and walk away, fade on out like the color gray... more »

  • Cheesy Co-Dependent Love Song #32

    I love U
    so much
    that I would…do anything U ask of me... more »

  • D- For Love

    I’m about done here, all packed up & ready to go
    It’s no longer fun here, at the last reel the end of the picture show
    There’s nothing to be won here, I’ll turn off the lights shut the door & go
    Because it’s not what it once was – not anymore... more »

  • Don'T Cry

    Don't cry, it brings no release.
    Don't cry, it can't wash away the pain.
    Don't cry, on your emotions it's just a tease.
    Don't cry, the pain only comes back again.... more »

  • Epitaph

    Don't cry for me because I'm gone
    with every tick of the clock time marches on

    Count me among one of your dearest friends... more »

  • Eye Of The Beholder

    I saw you standing there
    gazing at yourself in the altogether
    you've never seen yourself like this before
    piercings not born out of the latest fad... more »

  • Eye Of The Beholder (Part Ii)

    you grinned and broke into a smile
    watching as you turned this way and that
    taking inventory of your robust frame
    proud of the BIG man that stands before you... more »

  • First Moment

    From the first moment I saw your standing there, I knew I was in love. You were gorgeous! Your hair like a birds nest, wearing faded blue jeans, a dirty old torn T-shirt, red 'Chuck Taylor's' and thick black horn rimmed glasses…the most beautiful man in the world. As the song goes, you were makin' your list and checkin' it twice and I was dying to know if you were naughty or nice. In that next moment, you walked over to me and asked what time it was - I nearly passed out.... more »

  • If I Could See You

    If I could see you,
    to have one look into your face.
    If I could see you,
    and hear you speak my name.... more »

  • Liquid Courage

    I put the whiskey to my lips
    because I’m sick of all of this
    no more tears sadness and pain
    I don’t want to think of you again... more »

  • Love Candy

    love is getting ready to work
    I can feel the sparks between us like Pop Rocks
    like 2 sex-crazed teenagers the chemistry hits us
    what can be better than this... more »

  • Love Trinkets

    He consumes my every thought.
    He is with me when I am alone.
    I smell him on the back of the wind.
    His eyes burn in the essence of my soul.... more »

  • Oath

    ... more »

  • Soliloquy

    A deep breath, a silent prayer, a chance to dream my way to the great unknown
    the darkness consumes me, the silence deafens me, as the midnight bell chimes its final tone

    I shackle doubt to the culprit fear and cast them upon the riverside of disbelief... more »

  • Some Of What I Will Be

    You don't love me
    Because you don't know me
    Because what I appear to be
    Is not exactly who I am... more »

  • Speak My Name

    When the time has come
    Go to our place
    Speak my name
    And I will appear... more »

  • That Much More

    When I see you walk out that door
    Makes me want you that much more
    It's like your walking out of my life
    Although I'll see you again tonight... more »

  • The Unmade Choice

    I never got the chance to see you for the last time
    Sitting in that corridor on the little wooden bench
    I wasn't allowed a final goodbye
    I miss you to this day - my father... more »

  • The Rant

    like the rest of the sheep
    I’ll make money my God
    pass by the homeless
    give a sigh and a nod... more »

  • U

    U, no one else, just U
    do U know that U…give me life, bring me joy
    make this world a place to behold
    only U, no one else, just U... more »

  • Untitled

    I hear you rapping on the door to my soul.
    You show up like an old friend.
    You bring my heart the same old news -... more »

  • Untitled Ii

    It's like a whisper the way you slipped into my heart.
    There are footprints on the wind that show how you crept into my soul.
    Unknown to me you came bearing gift, you brought love.
    You swept me off my feet and walked away with all my senses... more »

  • Untitled Iii

    There are no more tears inside of me to show just how I feel.
    The pain cuts like a knife, it drains my soul of its life’s blood.
    Still I go on. Why?
    Your kind words can't help and you don't know what I feel.... more »