• A New Life Awaits

    Day to day, I feel no more
    All of my pain is gone
    I am dead, dead to you
    Can you see me?... more »

  • Am I Dreaming?

    Being held in a cell
    In a dungeon full of hate
    Awaiting my execution
    Is this my fate?... more »

  • Choose Your Color

    I will paint the walls blue
    Blue is calm, blue is power
    Blue is the color of tranquility
    Do you see my colors yet?... more »

  • Good Intentions

    A man set out to dig
    A Texas Star tree
    from his back yard
    Time continued to pass... more »

  • Half Past Bed Time

    I lay awake thinking,
    blinking, and making
    any necessary retaking
    'Tis half past eleven... more »

  • I Am Who?

    I am an unexpected miracle
    I am the bringer of joy
    I am your son, your daughter
    I am the light in your life... more »

  • Life Lesson

    Life is a complicated thing.
    Nothing in it will come easily.
    You've got to want something.
    Really want it, then go get it.... more »

  • Long Lost Love

    I can't live my life
    This way much longer
    I feel much strife
    Could I be stronger?... more »

  • Love Song

    Every moment spent with you, I cherish
    Each and every second spent with you
    I feel as if it is the end, I embellish
    We will make many new memories to last... more »

  • Man's Best Friend

    To me, a dog was always man's best friend
    Till one day, my eyes shifted to another
    I met a girl who loved another creature
    This love to me, was not like me at all... more »

  • Mistaken Love

    I was your best friend.
    I cared so much for you
    Look at everything now
    How could you do this?... more »

  • Never Changing

    How easy life must be
    when all your time
    is spent performing
    one instinctual task.... more »

  • Passion

    The beauty of a kiss
    The touch of a hand
    The heat of the night
    The passion grows... more »

  • Riddle

    A feeling so pure, so real,
    That nothing could change,
    Except the very root itself.
    The day came when the center of my world,... more »

  • Sleep Is For The Dead

    Another late night awake.
    Spent counting flashes of
    light like a blind snake.
    Sleep is for the dead.... more »

  • The Competition

    The eye in the sky
    Ever seeing of the vie
    His gaze passes by
    Will it be a tie?... more »

  • The Decision

    Cannot sleep, cannot think
    For I cannot remember
    Don't know what to do
    Which out ways the other?... more »

  • The Racing Mind

    This feeling becoming common
    Feeling tired, feeling down
    Needing sleep, not wanting
    Should I attempt to sleep?... more »

  • Trust

    What is trust?
    who knows
    Trust must be earned
    In time you will learn... more »

  • Verse Meche

    I watched as a daughter
    cried at her mothers side.
    I wondered how it felt.
    Were you there as well?... more »

  • What Is Time?

    Time passes by ever slowly
    Every second is an eternity
    Waiting forever impatiently
    Oh Lord, what is time?... more »