• 109


    A drunk man, in a broke and bent
    Truck had run the light... more »

  • A Husband

    I'm looking for a husband, you know the sort of chap
    The kind of guy who copes with things and never has a flap
    The one who fixes cars and bikes and often mows the lawn
    Takes the kids on Sunday hikes while I with hammock yawn... more »

  • Are We Blind?

    Nature punished man one day,
    She took a species right away... more »

  • Are You Lonely Too?

    Remember how he scraped his knee and how I wiped it clean
    I picked him up and hugged him so he wouldn’t make a scene
    He was just so little then, an active little boy,
    My! What a man he has become, me eldest son called Roy.... more »

  • Australian Cicadas Versus Duracell

    The electronic bunny beats his little drum
    With batteries reposing deep inside his bum
    He hops across the TV screen banging as he goes
    Adverts of what bunnies do, unlike what I suppose... more »

  • Beware The Trapdoor Spiders

    There’s a kind of trapdoor spider
    that lurks in special stores
    Because he now has wider
    targets for its claws... more »

  • Burying Our Children

    They call it stress, they call it strain
    I must confess I feel the pain
    Of standing by that open grave
    For those that die who we can’t save... more »

  • Carol (My Inspirational Friend)

    Devil said, “God let us battle,
    To see where the truth really lies
    Set up a man I can rattle
    To test if the faith he relies... more »

  • Choosing A Wife

    A Rich man, a philanthropist
    Was often dating, but he missed
    That feeling of security
    That comes with marriage, blissfully…... more »

  • Conflict With Interests

    It seems the Aussie Government acquired some recent doubts
    (Because the rain once heaven-sent is absent ‘cause of droughts)... more »

  • Courses Of Medication

    Don’t get ill on Friday if you wish to guard your health
    ‘Cause those who gain from illness and take away your wealth
    Will not be keen on Friday to probe those hurts and stinks
    They’re out there catching birdies on the open golfing links... more »

  • Effects Of Hard Liquor

    I've looked at nations, what they drink, and how they then behave
    It seems their stations, how they think, from birth unto the grave... more »

  • Hara Kiri England

    The men returned from World War Two
    With dreams of change, well you would too
    They’d fought for King and Red White Blue
    You’d think we’d know just what to do... more »

  • Hospital View

    He was lonely and sad in his hospital bed
    Accepting his future with ‘boding and dread... more »

  • Jems The Master Farter

    Jems the Master Farter

    In the Central African country of Malawi a law has been “passed” that outlaws the “passing of wind” in public spaces. People can be tried and convicted under this law, but how do you confine them?
    My friend Jems (James) is the latest victim of this diabolical ruling...... more »

  • Man In The Kakadu Hat

    “I’m just an Aussie Farrier
    Sam Malone’s the name…”... more »

  • Paddy And Mick Were Drinking

    Paddy staggered home one night
    Been drinking out with Mick
    He knew that making noises might
    Wake his wife real quick... more »

  • Sense And Scents

    I’ve sometimes wondered why it is
    I’m not the first for sure
    “What is the lure women’s kiss
    And feminine allure? ”... more »

  • Silent Wives

    Two Cowboys crouched beside their fire
    With hands held to the flames
    All day they’d been riding wire
    Protecting ranchers claims... more »

  • Starting Wars

    Perhaps we British like to fight,
    Declare a war and all in spite
    That there is none who lack the sight
    To come and challenge ancient might... more »

  • Strike And Stroke

    The tree stood tall, it scraped the sky
    It seemed that it would never die
    With branches held so very high
    From which we’d hear the eagles’ cry... more »

  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

    The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
    Is an Aussie through and through
    I’ve met him caged and chained in Spain
    Upon a perch out in the rain... more »

  • Surgical Threat

    He was in his latter years
    With heart now feeling sore
    The Doctor said, “Now it appears
    You need a heart re-bore!... more »

  • The Execution Of Great Uncle Max

    The “Smyths’ were hyphened ‘Prendergast’
    This shows they were illustrious
    They owned some banks, and also vast
    Businesses industrious... more »

  • Time Share In Oz

    I was only new in Oz
    And it was just because
    I'd filled a form to win a BBQ... more »