These words are not real, everybody is a liar, and you're already dead. The human race is broken, they escape from their minds with their little broken things and only interact to vomit polite profanities on each other or war. The only time they are honest is when they're killing (illegal) or fucking (95% illegal) . I do everything I can to be less human but it's impossible. I've learned to not hate myself, it's not my fault. I've learned to not be upset, it's perfectly acceptable. I simply don't feel.


Christopher Holman Poems

Revel In Anguish

In a tangled web of romance I find myself
the inevitable reminder of my ignorant faith
I have become oh so accustomed to the role of 'Martyr'
yet I cringe at thoughts of capitulation.... more »

The Mirror Of Self-Loathing

It stares at me with unforgiving eyes
baring me down, haunting me with unending disgust
Can I not seek redemption?
Loathing expressed through a glance,... more »

The Iconoclast

A caustic presence overshadows this room
a stench so foul it chokes the dead
throttling him in the dark
he shouts in vain, beating the walls for life... more »

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