• Insufferable Truth

    Oh! The renewal of a joy so chaotic none dare to fear!
    The foolishness and follies of a generation so weak
    the crushing sensation of a deadly passion
    amidst the sun-stripped fields of a spring-time heartbreak... more »

  • Me And A Passionate Stranger

    Oh how my heart longs for just a moment

    Such beauty glistens with the gossamer intent to swoon
    I dance on a balanced wing of radiant glory... more »

  • Of A Dying Breed

    Holding the hollow tendencies we once cherished
    I weep the tears of a failing dream
    saluting a ship that never sailed
    worshiping the deity that never created... more »

  • Revel In Anguish

    In a tangled web of romance I find myself
    the inevitable reminder of my ignorant faith
    I have become oh so accustomed to the role of 'Martyr'
    yet I cringe at thoughts of capitulation.... more »

  • Sanctioning Destruction

    Downtrodden dreams fade with a whisp of despair
    Hope is to be wept for,
    leave your fretful compulsions
    aspirations breed tragedy... more »

  • Soldier Of The New Age

    Each day ending with another tear
    each breathe punctuated by the sobbing realization
    every scene running those translucent images
    going through the motions for inexplicable purpose.... more »

  • Speaking During A Kiss

    The warmth of true embrace
    an utterance of a desolate word to personify the intangible.
    Whisper quietly darling, such a word is shunned
    expressing nothing, lie with me... more »

  • The Iconoclast

    A caustic presence overshadows this room
    a stench so foul it chokes the dead
    throttling him in the dark
    he shouts in vain, beating the walls for life... more »

  • The Mirror Of Self-Loathing

    It stares at me with unforgiving eyes
    baring me down, haunting me with unending disgust
    Can I not seek redemption?
    Loathing expressed through a glance,... more »

  • The Ramparts Of Romance

    I stand on the edge of reality, basking in your desire
    the longing of out-stretched palms scrape my flesh
    'romance is dead' they say, however we contradict them
    bare not the scars of desire, carry my heart... more »