• Chryselephantine

    You’ll never see me,
    Through this ivory armour.
    You’ll never know me,
    Past this golden visage.... more »

  • Oh Sweet Vampyria

    Oh sweet Vampyria unto you I resign,
    Do as you please with me in this design,
    All that is mine, I give unto you,
    My blood and my flesh, my eyesight too,... more »

  • Rain

    Alleviating, almost a mist,
    Vertical, perfect,
    Smashing crystals on the,
    Rugged floor.... more »

  • Remember

    Remember me as you close your eyes,
    Soft on the pillow,
    See me,
    Visualise me,... more »

  • Shadows

    You whisper in my ear.
    Your flitting, faltering,
    Elegance. Dark against the wall.
    Creeping and darting,... more »

  • Today…

    Today I hurt myself,
    Just to see if I could still feel.

    Today I hurt myself,... more »