• Blinded

    Blinded by sight and things I fear
    Always pushing away the ones I hold near
    They will never know the things I fear
    The pain and suffering of the ones I hold dear... more »

  • I Missed Out

    I don't want to live in this cold cruel world without you
    You make this place warm and loving, this is true
    I can't help but feel alone when we're apart
    Even in crowds of family and friends it's you... more »

  • My Heart On My Sleeve

    I've worn my heart on my sleeve my whole life
    Why is it, that it always hurts
    I pour emotions out, it seem just for spite
    I must hate myself to punish me this way... more »

  • You Are Strength

    A ray of light in a sea of darkness
    A blinding light of hope to guide us
    The courage to do what's right
    When we're afraid to fall... more »