• A Comparison

    Workhorse heels clip clop across the carpark
    Past tatterdemalion schoolchildren,
    My coat Galapagos Iguana dark
    My emerald tie discretely hidden:... more »

  • A Distilled Spirit

    In a square-set forehead of stone
    The windows still show
    Through to an old vaulted hall
    Filled with portraits and much gold... more »

  • Antisocial Networking

    This warrior town, with pitted chain mail,
    Sits haunted on the shore and stares out to sea,
    Flattened and rusted from past industry
    Flowered with bruises and dreams that will fail.... more »

  • Dying Thoughts Of A Beached Whale

    I lie resting half into the sand
    And she pulses against me
    As softly as the edge of the sea
    Envelopes the edge of the land;... more »

  • Earthquakes And Other Upsets

    The hills will wander in their time
    Over the bones of men
    Who once when suited thought it fine
    To booted walk on them;... more »

  • Falling

    The February sun is warm as tea
    And the newly-coined air thick as gravy
    On our ledge of moor in our office clothes
    Where wild sheep stray from the old drovers road.... more »

  • Good Morning

    The persuasive bespoke oligarchs
    Leer earnestly from the screen,
    While drowning in their rabid barks
    We dress as in a dream:... more »

  • If Like A Broken Plate

    If like a broken plate we lie apart
    I dream my dream, she reads her magazine,
    A narrow passage opens up between
    Two unforgiving coastlines. The long chart... more »

  • In Praise Of Bricklayers

    The end of March and a magpie dances on our aerial,
    The first endless egg turns up in the pond, white and empty
    As an old skull, tiny as the pink blossom shivering
    At the fingers and elbows of next-doors Winter Cherry.... more »

  • Introducing...

    The trees thrilling in the breeze will shake
    Until suddenly shooting forth leaves like a magician
    Revealing flowers, and rabbits will be pulled
    Out of burrows covered in the smallest fur... more »

  • Murphy's Law

    My hands are speckled as a sparrows egg
    And my clothes are ruined, white up one leg,
    But I can now peer through our old doorframe
    Without your memory. The signs of shame;... more »

  • Novus Actus Interveniens

    Novus Actus Interveniens

    My time; I naively believe... more »

  • On A Friends Marriage

    Masonry larger than me has fallen
    And now reposes, clambered on by boys
    On their way up, with the muted sprawling
    Dignity that surviving work enjoys.... more »

  • On Alzheimers

    In a chair beside the window father
    With a straight back, the men playing in white
    Are as mayflies on the great pond rather
    On the dull skein of his dreaming sight... more »

  • On Our Bed

    There was a shed I never saw
    In a corner, spider-ridden,
    When I came in the night to seduce you.... more »

  • On The Reconstruction Of Countries

    A man in London and damp skies up here
    Declare rain and storm; a dark wave rears up
    But the blow does not fall. My footsteps veer
    Into alleyways of a mildewed look.... more »

  • Pondlife

    My emerald tie in the sunlight
    Circling this occasional pool
    With the dignity of an albatross
    Lapping the earth in an afternoon.... more »

  • Singing The Blues

    My girl with her blue eyes in the night
    Stares with the passivity of Scottish mountains
    And the urgency of emergency light;... more »

  • Snap-Shot

    Somewhere, on the edge of the forest and field
    I think I am invisible, following the wire
    Back toward the village and mere obscurity.
    All the trees are fading but the mushrooms thrive.... more »

  • The Buses Leave At Dawn

    The buses leave at dawn, with protest songs
    On the lips of the old and young alike,
    Returning in warm numb silence at night
    On the eve of revolution. The throngs... more »

  • The North York Moors

    When a man stands on the edge of the moor
    Receiving the wind’s rough investiture
    Of all that power which remains extant
    From the creation of air, sea and land... more »

  • The Wind Blows Boyish Smiles

    The wind blows boyish smiles across my face
    Or so it seems, my love returns the look,
    The same breeze turns over leaves in my book
    Abandoned to the grass while we play chase.... more »

  • Those Eureka Moments

    Before the day a warm breeze
    Lifts dark condensation away
    From beneath broad leaves,
    Emancipated grasses straighten... more »

  • To Be Dido

    Curled up naked her secrets all displayed
    eyes as wide as the horizon
    where a black sun falls into the bay
    watching you past her knees wisely... more »