I was born peacefully in a large building called The Mount which is now a retirement home and where I hope one day to die peacefully. I am lucky enough to live in the North of England where the seasons still make a difference, because all else is vanity.


Christopher Woodall Poems

Those Eureka Moments

Before the day a warm breeze
Lifts dark condensation away
From beneath broad leaves,
Emancipated grasses straighten... more »

The Wind Blows Boyish Smiles

The wind blows boyish smiles across my face
Or so it seems, my love returns the look,
The same breeze turns over leaves in my book
Abandoned to the grass while we play chase.... more »

The Buses Leave At Dawn

The buses leave at dawn, with protest songs
On the lips of the old and young alike,
Returning in warm numb silence at night
On the eve of revolution. The throngs... more »

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