• Angel To Soon

    She was so lonely.she was so scared. she always sat by herself

    because nobody else cared. her father left her, her mother ignored her... more »

  • I'M Afraid

    I'm afraid of not suceeding, i'm afraid of failure.

    I'm afraid to be alone, i'm afraid of lonliness.... more »

  • Long Gone

    I told you i loved you, you told me goodbye. Do you enjoy seeing me

    suffer? Do you enjoy seeing me cry? You left me all alone and scared... more »

  • Slice Your Way To Happiness

    Why Not slice your way to happiness. If your happy why should anyone

    else care? Would you dare? To be happy. To feel relief. To rid yourself... more »

  • Suicidal Lies

    Cross my heart wish to die why not my lifes just one big lie. I live in the

    darkness because i'm afraid of the light i cry myself to sleep at night.... more »

  • Will He Care

    The room is spinning my speach is slurring, i tried to write but my eyes

    kept blurring.my heart beats faster, my pulse beats slower as my life... more »