• A Hole In The Heart Of A City

    Ninjas armed with flying swords
    noble offerings on ignoble wings
    temples of blood on towers of strength
    nightmare at dawn.... more »

  • A House Is Not A Home

    They adorn these walls as ugly ornaments:
    Invisible trails of vermin
    Painted with the bile of bitterness
    for all to see.... more »

  • A Nugget From Shakespeare's Tomb

    Multitude of opinions Arraign Nature:

    Tenuous testimonies on Oath... more »

  • Act 2, Scene 1

    Long before the curtains parted
    machinations and assassinations
    heralded the much vaunted drama.... more »

  • Africa

    A patchwork of decorated combatant lords
    Stitched together with diverse fragile cords
    Into a tapestry of nations hung on frail words.... more »

  • An Elegy To A Fair Lady

    A decade of decadent silence
    Voided by errant memories:
    A prayer on wheels to muzzle fear,
    The demon pounding at life’s chamber.... more »

  • Beauty And The Beast


    The dressage of all these mares and stallions
    Never fails to hold the world in rapt attention... more »

  • Casks Of Our Life


    Dawn to Dusk
    they chase after buses... more »

  • Casks Of Our Life (Ii)

    Vassals of the royal courts deign to till the Land
    Cultivating cravated and starched-shirt labourers
    Begrudged their servitude and affected speeches.... more »

  • Chasing Shadows

    The rot has become pungent for all to now inhale:
    The Head and the Neck locked in an egocentric tussle,
    The venomous tirades of tyrants poisoning a nation.
    The thick, stale dust long buried beneath red carpets,... more »

  • Crying More Than The Bereaved

    Ancient customs girded the Harbinger of Death
    In loin cloth, hairy barrel chest and a husky voice.
    Taboo is deaf to the hip-swinging trump of death,
    Scowling and seething at all infringing trespassers.... more »

  • Echoes From A Time Warp

    The epileptic flashes, billows of raucous metals
    Molten power-houses, tendrils of smoke in a glass…
    A stale age trapped in a whirling orb of freshness,
    Its time slothfully ticking behind the other times.... more »

  • Face Values

    The one at war with self
    Seeks the peace with world;
    The heart shrivelled with fear
    Puffs out a hot air of bravery;... more »

  • Fear Of Strangers

    Seething cauldrons seethe from fanned embers of tyrants
    Hunger and Pain smoke out peasants from their hamlets
    Bubbling violence here and there chafing the feet to flight;
    Barbed walls of sovereignty vaulted with poles of tenacity... more »

  • Flights Into Oblivion

    Unseen hands swat metal birds from our skies
    Plunging them to earth as disemboweled flies
    Dark earth crimsons from ever-tender wounds
    Of serrated hearts and scars of mortal wounds... more »

  • High And Mighty

    This covey of benighted knights
    Enamoured of endless hurrahs
    Jousted for fame on gold stallions
    Sovereign chest gouged in unison.... more »

  • How Much Longer, Mr. Mugabe?

    Freedom fighting days are decades over
    Yet the spectre of oppression looms still:
    Quondam hero, the villain now.
    The people are clubbed for their choices... more »

  • I Fear…

    A dome of dark, gloomy clouds caps this landscape.
    But, not for rain.
    A cacophony of thunderous applause shakes the land.
    But, not for rain.... more »

  • Innocence Lost (In Memory Of Baby P)

    A precious Gift
    Wrought by the tenderest of Hands:
    Eyes that behold love in every face,
    Too pure and ignorant of evil.... more »

  • Inquietude

    Infringing thoughts thunder in this cave of lonesomeness
    Incarcerating with deafening peals of anguish and sorrow.
    Inharmonious rhythms of yesterday’s esteemed dance steps
    Invoke now wriggling fervours to blind and muted séances.... more »

  • Jewels Of The Land

    Accolades of Acolytes dance across banners to gongs,

    drums and cheers.... more »

  • Jews’ Ennui Still Universe’s Savior

    Judas staked his life for pittance in avarice
    Joisted on a beam for derision and dishonor
    Juxtaposed with thieves to corrupt his piety
    Javelin taunts ribbed him of water and blood... more »

  • Madiba

    N inety flagship years now unfurled
    mapped with the isolations of grief
    wrinkled joy of a colourful dream.... more »

  • Militrocracy

    Quadrennial rituals
    of avowals and disavowals
    all too soon forgotten.... more »

  • Moving On (A Poem For Ijeoma Rita Obu)

    Millions of minutes
    swiftly spent at this stop
    countless mementos garnered on the stay.... more »