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Procreation is for Sex
seeing things as they are
Ugh, be good .............
it made so much sense to me it just came out like revelation from on high
'I'm as happy as a stoner at a Mexican food buffet! '
let's not go there

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Chuy, Chuy, Chuy, no messages do you allow? I'll get around that PH note, send you one anyhow. The beagle pup does look so darn familiar, you know, but it's got no collar (or does it?): if it does, your name don't show. bri ;)
You are a great poet, rich with sensibility, love for the whole world, and a unique art of writing. Thanks for the poem..As the River flows. I loved your poetic being at the first reading. Keep this trend up.
You are so awesome! ! Thanks for being on this site and sharing your poetry. Cheers! !
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