• Alice In Wonderland

    When the world is somber,
    And awash with dewdropp stars.
    While the wind is brimming... more »

  • Alone In A Desolate Dream

    This morning i woke and knew
    That today would be the end of you
    And thought you may not want to see
    It is my will so mote it be... more »

  • As All Else Fails

    I’m tired of all of the tears
    I’m tired of the blood.
    I’m tired of my stupid little fears
    I’m tired of the love... more »

  • Ashes In The Wind

    You said you loved me,
    Said you'd never walk away.... more »

  • Asphyxiated

    You let their words tear at your soul,
    'You'll never amount to anything!
    You're just a waste of space.'
    Letting them slowly tear you limb from limb... more »

  • Attempted

    I’ve tried,
    So many times I have tried
    To show him how I feel
    To let him get an idea of how my heart works.... more »

  • Bpd

    We are Chaotic,
    And angry at the world.
    But look inside the soul... more »

  • Break Down

    False hopes tearing her apart
    Nothing but lies in her eyes
    The last thing keeping her alive.
    Alone on the inside... more »

  • Broken

    Last night;
    For the first time
    In a long sad while,
    I dreamt of cutting again... more »

  • Broken Mirror

    A broken mirror
    A distorted face
    A shattered heart
    A clear distaste... more »

  • Comotose

    These thoughts keep pushing their way through my mind
    Torturing my sould, the one thing i wish for
    Emotional Comotose
    To exsist without feeling, to feel nothing... more »

  • Crazy

    i feel like i've been locked up,
    behind the door of a padded cell,
    with only the rememberance of love, and life.
    i recall a past where love and pain was real,... more »

  • Erased

    can you see me throught this glass window?
    can you hear me scream through this sound proof box?
    do you even care to lsiten?
    to see these tears cascade down my face?... more »

  • Face The Music

    ... more »

  • Farewell

    My shattered heart so hollow.
    Within me, so much pain.
    My bleeding soul, crying.
    Lost love tearing me apart.... more »

  • Feel Me

    Feel my hurt and pain before you love me

    To love me is to hurt me
    It's all i ever knew... more »

  • Finger-Prints

    A silver moon
    Tearing its way through a room
    Shinning hopelessly upon her face
    Staring emptily into the night... more »

  • From Josh

    dusk has come,
    to ravish the light,
    i've been raped of my life,
    with no end in sight,... more »

  • Good-Night

    your dark eyes close tight as tears begin to fall.
    i hate to see you like this.
    whatever pain that causes you to cry,
    i hope you can break free of it.... more »

  • Heart Of Darkness

    Heart of Darkness
    Ciara Owens
    Per: 5... more »

  • Heart-Broken.

    “I think I’m going to quit, ”
    she said as she stuffs all her fears
    back into the closet of her mind,
    Waiting for those few words... more »

  • Here For You

    Through all the years
    Of looking for the right man
    When she finally found him
    It was the wrong time... more »

  • I Don'T Know What To Say...

    I’ve tried,
    So many times I have tried
    To show him how I feel
    To let him get an idea of how my heart works.... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish
    to find happiness
    But it doesn't happened
    I wish to open up,... more »

  • Invincible?

    after being torn apart
    completely destroyed
    and having to put myself back together
    why do i feel like trusting again?... more »