• Just For You

    Rremind me why I'm here.
    Remind me of what he said.
    Remind me of things
    I dont want to be reminded of.... more »

  • Last Night, I Broke.

    Last night;
    For the first time
    In a long sad while,
    I dreampt of cutting again... more »

  • Let My Body Rive

    i cant believe i let it happen again,
    consumed by all i thought was good.
    darkness enveloped my greatest desires
    im all alone in this padded cell crying... more »

  • Listen

    We all need something to believe in,
    because i'm looking around and all i can see
    is dysfunctional families, broken hearts, and lost dreams
    we've forgotten the meaning of truely believing... more »

  • Loneliness

    It follows me... more »

  • Lost Self

    Ultimately i have ralized that i no more possess:
    The 'self' That once was mine,
    In all its guises and disguises,
    Yes, I have lost the 'self' Which I was full of... more »

  • My Downfall

    This is my downfall
    All eyes on me
    And i'm giving up
    face down in the dirt... more »

  • My Real Face

    talk about it thats all they say
    it will make you feel better,
    so i write it down in a form of a poem
    trying to make the pain disappear.... more »

  • Pictures

    A picture tells a thousand words
    And by the look on your face
    I can tell you are sickened by the thought
    But you smile just in case.... more »

  • Pretending

    While they're watching
    When they turn away... more »

  • Remember

    Rehersing the past
    As dreams begin to fade
    Then i ask myself
    When the world falls away... more »

  • Sand

    Break the heart
    Shatter the glass
    Here i am
    Walking through the past... more »

  • Save The Day

    The world has fallen to grey
    And theres noone around to save the day
    As we all tumble and fall
    We watch the world through it all... more »

  • Scars

    A silver moon
    Tearing it's way through a room
    Shinning hopelessly upon her face
    Starring emptily into the night... more »

  • Shattered Glass Heart

    I sew back together my shattered heart
    Or tape up the pieces to be whole again,
    With you again.
    Forgive and forgett my mistakes... more »

  • Sometimes

    All i want to do is cry
    Lay down my arms and die.
    Sometimes... more »

  • Tainted

    With a few simple words my heart is torn.
    From my pain, only sorrow is born.
    Finally, behind the lies, my life I can see.
    Dreams collapsed, there is no hope for me...... more »

  • Take Me, And Break Me.

    Trying to let go of the past,
    Is so much more difficult
    Than holding onto a grudge.
    Trying to forget his name,... more »

  • The Hunt

    Standing in the darkness
    Eyes glowing intensly
    Slowly lifting each paw
    Careful not to make a sound... more »

  • The Razors Edge

    She sits and rocks and holds her wrists,
    She wonders how it came to this.
    She thinks about the pain and hurt,
    And how nothing ever seemed to work.... more »

  • The Real World

    Here we are again
    Back to the thoughts that swore to never end.
    Befriended by misery and becoming deaths best friend.... more »

  • The Rose ((Hopefully Soon To Be A Novel) Still Working On It)

    “NO! Charles, you mustn‘t! ” she pleads, running down the hallway towards her husband, as he stands on the edge of oblivion.... more »

  • This Could Be Me

    He is everything a woman could ever want
    He is everything that she should ever need
    But deep within is a turmoil
    And she feels her heart slowly bleed... more »

  • Together In Death

    Let’s leave this place behind tonight,
    Pop some pills and chase it down with some rum.
    Slit our arms open and we'll bleed for the last time.
    Hold me close as we begin to fade,... more »

  • Tornado

    I was doing just fine
    Before you came into my life
    I finally began to understand
    Started putting the pieces of my life together... more »