• 99 Flavors

    There was a girl whose favorite treat
    Was ice cream, that she'd eat and eat
    Her favorite shop was 99 Flavors
    She'd gobble up whatever they gave her... more »

  • A Nebulous Existence

    Oh wispy wooly kiss of dew
    What is it that inspires you?
    An eagle's nest, a kingly throne
    A gossamer heart, a wishful bone... more »

  • Abstract Advice

    Your poetry will never bloom
    out past your room, my dear
    Your rhyme and meter shackles
    keep your poems leashed and near... more »

  • Birthday Rhyme

    who's coming? giggle and groan, to ask is a task
    what about the cake? I'm sure I can bake... more »

  • City Haiku

    Smoky city night
    Piercing yowl shatters the dark.
    Nonchalant to the
    Bloodshot glares from dark windows,... more »

  • Dear Diary

    Words are concrete once they're written
    Smiles are captured on the page
    When I cried and laughed and shouted
    When I bit my tongue in rage... more »

  • Eye

    blinked to see if
    it changed the view
    if by clearing the tears
    eye could see you anew... more »

  • From My Roof

    the horizon dips and jumps over pine and stone
    And drenching indigo overflows from the sky
    Down into the roots and crevices of mountain... more »

  • Hands

    When a hand reaches out to shake another
    The crowd draws in, bodies press against each other
    Clawing fingers, scratching fingers, push the hands apart
    In fear of change and losing what they hold dear to their heart... more »

  • I Used To...

    I used to be all in one place
    But now I'm stretched and strained
    I used to be an open window
    But now I am paned... more »

  • New Moon

    the crescent glows so gently bright
    a timid newborn, blushing white... more »

  • Street Music

    If ever encountered with city life
    One may be slightly fazed
    The crowds, the noise, the energy
    Is enough to put one in a daze... more »

  • They Say It's Easier To Solve A Maze From The End

    I'll try that, weaving left and right
    Shrugging past forks and winding in tight... more »

  • Where Sea And Shoreline Meet

    Where sea and shoreline meet
    On long and lanky feet
    A lonely bird, a hungry bird
    In search for som’ to eat.... more »

  • Windy Breeze

    The windy breeze is playful tonight
    Tickling the dogs to bark out loud
    Combing my hair into careless braids
    Stirring the trees to whisper and dance... more »