• A Losing Battle

    Fighting my emotions
    Isn't easy at times
    But I do it anyway
    Just to pass by time... more »

  • Afflicted Pain

    I am your confusion
    I don't mean to be
    I'm right in front of you
    But you cannot see... more »

  • Another Sunny Day

    The lord has been so good to me
    Why couldn't I see it before?
    He was working in his own way
    He was opening more doors... more »

  • Broken Tears & Empty Promises

    Do you know how hard it is
    To look him in the eye,
    To see you two together,
    To know you're by his side?... more »

  • Colors Of My Heart

    Black from the pain
    That my past has caused
    And gray from the shadows
    Coming toward me on the wall... more »

  • Fake Smile

    Do I look happy?
    Well, I'm not
    I wish I was but
    I'm hurting inside alot... more »

  • Game Over

    You can't ask me to do this
    This difficult task
    My heart can't bear it
    It's too much to ask... more »

  • How Far Down?

    6 feet from the edge.
    How far down does it go?
    Just a few feet?... more »

  • I Need You

    I need you more than the sun itself
    I need your hand touching mine
    I need your beautiful voice
    Just your smile shows me it’s a sign... more »

  • I'M Not Holding Your Hand Anymore

    Bloodshot eyes
    Sweaty palms
    Broken heart
    Shattered tears... more »

  • Is It Better To Be Dead?

    What would you do
    If you really were dead?
    Would you be happy
    Or would you cry instead?... more »

  • It Amazes Me

    It amazes me
    How much I love you
    How much you've shown me
    And how much for you I'll do... more »

  • Me

    Who am I?
    I thought I knew
    But I do not
    Laugh and taunt... more »

  • My Name Is Alex

    My name is Alex
    I'm nine years old
    I'm very hungry
    My feet are cold... more »

  • New Days End

    What should I do?
    I can't cry anymore
    I can't think straight
    I have sorrow... more »

  • Part Of The Plan

    How can I make her see
    The burning in my chest
    By stares, she does not know
    It's a harmful thing to carry... more »

  • Pieces Of My Heart

    Why did this happen?
    Why did it break?
    So young and healthy
    Why this mistake?... more »

  • Reflection

    Do you want to know who taunts?
    Look in the mirror
    You'll see the beast
    Feel the damage... more »

  • Scorched

    The flames that scorch
    They're near the fire
    It's just like a torch
    My feelings expire... more »

  • Sorrow And Despair

    The pain crashes to the depth of my soul
    Just another feeling of sorrow
    Another flinch from pain
    Just like yesterday, it'll be there tomorrow... more »

  • Sorry I Was Born

    What's the use of living life
    When it's not worth living?
    I just don't see the point
    My heart is tired of giving.... more »

  • The Beast

    To say the least
    Strangled words
    Come from the beast... more »

  • The One

    Perfect, wha a concept
    No one could ever be
    Except the savior of my life
    The one who set me free... more »

  • The Pain

    As time slowly passes by,
    The pain does too
    Until I awake to reality
    And realize that were through... more »

  • The Sinful Guy

    Your hands across my back
    I have bare skin
    I have to get away
    Everytime you win... more »