I am 14 years old and I love to write poems for other people to read and I love to write sad, happy and religious poems also children poems like one on my other poem site is call the blueeyed teddy bear in my spare time this is what I do I get on the computer and go to poetry websites and write poems. I love to write poetry for other people to see because I know I will get some comments on my poems so if I write a poem that you think is really good please comment that poem!


Cierra Williams Poems

The Tears Of A Unicorn

I once seen a unicorn with a
tear in its eye. Oh how it was so sad

I never seen something so sad it made me want to cry... more »

You Make Me Want To Cry

You make me want to cry.
You make me want to die.
Then one day you make me want to sit down and buy me a box of tissues.
Then you make me want to give up and surrender... more »

Everytime We Say Goodbye

Everytime we say goodbye its make me want to cry
it makes me want to die

Sometimes I feel like chilling... more »

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