I don't claim to know how to write poetry nor do I claim expert knowledge of the acceptable forms and styles of poetry. I simply endeavor to express and release the feelings associated with a particular time, place or experience in my life. Please judge not on style and technique but on my ability to evoke memories and feelings in you as you read my work. Thank you.


Cilene Farrell Poems

Inner Turmoil Surfacing

Inner turmoil surfacing in
unexpected places while
no one sees the loneliness through
the windows. When... more »

Dia De Julio

On the first day of July I gave my heart away,
I trusted you completely, in every word you say.
Nothing prepared me for the rush from deep inside.
Nothing could erase these feelings that I tried to hide.... more »

Dream Plan

Drifting, falling into the dreamland,
Images cascading, fulfilling the dream plan.
I reach for you through the window,
slowly realizing the separation is a mirror.... more »

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