• A Daughter's Love

    A daughter's love begins
    with curiosity at the elusive stranger
    who leaves at dawn, returns before dusk.....
    with kind words and a promise of safety and dreams.... more »

  • Dia De Julio

    On the first day of July I gave my heart away,
    I trusted you completely, in every word you say.
    Nothing prepared me for the rush from deep inside.
    Nothing could erase these feelings that I tried to hide.... more »

  • Dream Plan

    Drifting, falling into the dreamland,
    Images cascading, fulfilling the dream plan.
    I reach for you through the window,
    slowly realizing the separation is a mirror.... more »

  • Fallacy

    When will I find a place in my own heart?
    A lifetime of wanting to be wanted,
    of needing to be needed….
    Beginning to see the pattern emerging from... more »

  • I Think I Love You.....

    Words struggling to escape my lips,
    Struggling out from under my fingertips.
    My mind and heart stage a battle so real,
    Logic strives to make me deny how I feel.... more »

  • Inner Turmoil Surfacing

    Inner turmoil surfacing in
    unexpected places while
    no one sees the loneliness through
    the windows. When... more »

  • Insomnia

    the illness struggles to take over,
    but with drugs and drops I fight....
    peace and sleep will come to me this night.... more »

  • Obsession

    Stupid, useless, messy waste of H2O,
    Sickening how they never cease to flow.
    In this world of bubbly, plastic cheer... more »

  • Too Far Gone

    Questions arise daily.............
    Why is the human race failing?
    The tears I can no longer suppress,
    the greed and corruption gaining all success.... more »