• Beautiful Picture

    My pain is an art
    The picture on my wrists
    Angry strokes
    Ruby red paint drips... more »

  • Beautiful Tragedy

    This beautiful tragedy is crashing into me
    This dying destiny, take me away
    This beautiful tragedy come crashing into me
    This dying destiny... more »

  • Empty

    Looking out, towards the people,
    The same people who act like nothing is wrong in the world
    Makes me realize that even if the world is fucked up
    Those poeple have someone to help them through.... more »

  • Happy Now?

    Days and nights pass
    No sleep comes.
    Nightmares of you
    keep me awake.... more »

  • Holding On

    I can bearly hold on,
    I'm on the edge.
    My fingers start to slip.
    And I don't know if I should be happy or sad.... more »

  • I Can'T Go On Forever

    I try and try and try again
    But I can never please you
    I stay quiet on my beliefs
    And speak only when spoken to... more »

  • Little Girl

    Where did the happy little girl go?
    She was here yesterday
    and now she's gone.
    In her place stands another girl.... more »

  • Too Good To Be True

    For a second i feel happy
    I feel hopeful
    I wish for it to last
    But it's too good to be true... more »

  • What Should I Do?

    Do you know me?
    You say you do,
    But do you really?... more »