• Thankful Thoughts

    Thanksgiving Day may come only once a year
    But we should be thankful for things we hold dear.

    We should be thankful for things such as family and friends... more »

  • The Circle Of Life

    The Circle of Life
    Begins but never truly ends
    We feel this most
    With our family and friends... more »

  • The Storm

    THE STORM... more »

  • The World Spins On

    My thoughts are reeling
    My body feeling... more »

  • Unknown Fuzz

    Reality sets in
    Mad at choices made
    Life begins to change
    Things start to fade... more »

  • Upon The Dawn

    Wait, What's that sound?
    Is seems to be coming from all around
    It's the voices in my head
    Telling me that I am dead... more »

  • War

    What a way to end the day
    Fight to kill and blow us away... more »

  • We Missed The Gun

    Here's the rising sun...
    Wait the days now done.

    We missed the gun...... more »

  • With Gentle Kisses

    With gentle kisses
    You send chills down my spin
    Wont be long
    Before I can call you mine!... more »

  • Writers Block

    Writers Block
    It's been a while since I have written
    But the inspiration bug's not bitten... more »