• Out West

    'I've seen so much uv dirt an' grime
    I'm mad to 'ave things clean.
    I've seen so much uv death,' 'e said
    'So many cobbers lyin' dead... more »

  • Over The Fence

    'Taint my idea uv argument to call a man a fool,
    An' I ain't lookin' round for bricks to 'eave at ole man Poole;
    But when 'e gets disputin' 'e's inclined to lose 'is 'ead.
    It ain't so much 'is choice uv words as 'ow the words is said.... more »

  • 'Paw'

    Ai've just obteened a pension for mai Paw.
    And you should hev seen the people that were theah.
    Re-ally, it was surpraising!... more »

  • Perpetual Motion

    What (said the poet) should we care
    For all this mad world's phantasies,
    For rumours rife upon the air
    Of terrors looming overseas?... more »

  • Pilot Cove

    'Young friend,' 'e sez . . . Young friend! Well, spare me days!
    Yeh'd think I wus 'is own white 'eaded boy -
    The queer ole finger, wiv 'is gentle ways.
    'Young friend,' 'e sez, 'I wish't yeh bofe great joy.'... more »

  • Playtime

    (I address myself to that chosen few - which includes you,
    My dear reader - who
    Are men of understanding, bright intellect and horse-sense, and to no others).
    Brothers!... more »

  • Poets

    Each poet that I know (he said)
    Has something funny in his head,
    Some wandering growth or queer disease
    That gives to him strange unease.... more »

  • Politics For Tots: Lesson 2~ &Quot;The Party&Quot;

    Now, children, in this Lesson Two,
    Briefly we'll make some mention
    Of party, just in case that you
    Some day, with the intention... more »

  • Polly Dibbs

    Mrs Dibbs - Polly Dibbs,
    Standing at a tub,
    Washing other people's clothes -
    Rub-Rub-Rub.... more »

  • Possum

    Jist 'ere it gripped me, on a sudden, like a red-'ot knife.
    I wus diggin' in the garden, talkin' pleasant to me wife,
    When it got me good an' solid, an' I fetches out a yell,
    An' curses soft down in me neck, an' breathes 'ard fer a spell.... more »

  • Preface: Old Gosh Rhyme

    Let him who is minded to meet with a Glug
    Pluck three hardy hairs from a rabbit-skin rug;
    Blow one to the South, and one to the West,
    Then burn another and swallow the rest.... more »

  • Quantum Sufficit

    'I only said this German plan
    Had points,' remarked the small, meek man.
    'I merely said an extra wife
    Might add variety to life.... more »

  • Rabbits

    'Ar! Gimme fights wiv foeman I kin see,
    To upper-cut an' wallop on the jor.
    Life in a burrer ain't no good to me.
    'Struth! This ain't war!... more »

  • Red Robin

    Hi, it's a funny world! This mornin' when I woke
    I saw red robin on the fence, an' heard the words he spoke.
    Red robin, he's a perky chap, an' this was his refrain:
    'Dear, it's a pity that poor Jenny is so plain.'... more »

  • Redivivus

    To-day I took old rhymes that I had written.
    And read them through, each one unto the end:
    When with a swift nostalgia was I smitten,
    As with sad memories of some old friend... more »

  • Renascence

    World war had come - and gone. It seemed the end.
    Spent, broken, by the last despair oppressed,
    Unfitted to attack or yet defend,
    The nations' panting remnants skulked to rest... more »

  • Riding Song

    Flippity-flop! Flippity-flop!
    Here comes the butcher to bring us a chop
    Cantering, cantering down the wide street
    On his little bay mare with the funny white feet;... more »

  • Roamin' Free

    The miser sits beside his hoard,
    The lover tarries by his bride,
    And he who neither may afford
    Is free to roam the whole world wide.... more »

  • Rose

    'Ah, wot's the use?' she sez. 'Lea' me alone!
    Why can't I go to 'ell in my own way?
    I never arst you 'ere to mag an' moan.
    Nor yet,' she sez, 'to pray.... more »

  • Sanctuary Scorned [1936]

    Oh, is there not one place on earth
    Where man's goodwill has gone from birth
    Thro' adolescence, with its rage,
    Into a kindly, mellow age... more »

  • Sari Bair

    So, they've struck their streak o' trouble, an' they got it in the neck,
    An' there's more than one ole pal o' mine 'as 'anded in 'is check;
    But Ginger still takes nourishment; 'e's well, but breathin' 'ard.... more »

  • Sawin' Wood

    I wondered wot was doin'. First I seen
    Ole Missus Flood wave signals to Doreen.
    I'm in the paddick slashin' down some ferns;
    She's comin' up the road; an' if she turns... more »

  • Sling It!

    Blimey! Ain't it gittin' tough?
    Life gits 'arder day by day.
    First a bloke ain't got enough
    Words for wot 'e wants to say;... more »

  • Son Of A Fool

    Gyved and chained in his father's home,
    He toiled 'neath a conqueror's rule;
    Bowed to the earth in the land of his birth;
    The Slave who was Son of a Fool.... more »

  • Song Of Insane Gardener

    Oh, I dance upon the lawn in the cold, white dawn,
    And I gloat upon the corpses of a countless million slain;
    Where the frost about my feet spreads its winter winding sheet
    There I chuckle and I chortle as I chant my mad refrain;... more »