• The Bush Fire

    Let's have a tiny little bush fire.
    It's a cold, cold night tonight.
    We are sick of this long session
    Of the darkness of depression.... more »

  • The Bush Veteran

    Old Pete Parraday, he toddles up the road,
    'Dangin'' things and 'darn in'' things and hefting of his load
    For yesterday was pension day, Peter has his goods:
    Butcher's meat and groceries and all sorts of foods;... more »

  • The Cab Horses' Story

    Now, you wouldn't imagine, to look at me,
    That I was a racehorse once.
    I have done my mile in - let me see
    No matter. I was no dunce.... more »

  • The Call

    Don't yeh hear them callin, to yeh, callin' to yeh, lad?
    Where the skyline's smeared an' grey with cannon smoke,
    There's a crowd o' chaps that knew yeh;
    Don't yeh hear them callin' to yeh... more »

  • The Call Of Stoush

    Wot price ole Ginger Mick? 'E's done a break -
    Gone to the flamin' war to stoush the foe.
    Wus it fer glory, or a woman's sake?
    Ar, arst me somethin' easy! I dunno.... more »

  • The Calm

    Brothers, have you observed the calm?
    Even the leaves of that symbolic palm
    That denotes peace, political and otherwise, are scarcely stirred
    By the faintest breath of controversy. Not a word... more »

  • The Candid Candidate

    Alfred Ebenezer Jackson was a very earnest man,
    Who aspired to be a statesman, and he consequently ran
    At a general election as the Candid Candidate,
    Sworn to tell the truth ungarbled, leaving all the rest to Fate.... more »

  • The Capital Site

    'I hear them speak of a Fed'ral site
    Where shall arise a city bright
    Mother, where is this bonzer spot?
    Shall we not seek it and build our cot?... more »

  • The Castaway

    I met a lonely Labor man,
    Forlorn and pessimistic:
    Who'd not yet fallen 'neath the ban
    Of leagues antagonistic.... more »

  • The Censor

    The Censor sits behind his desk,
    And smiles a censored smile;
    His great, blue pencil hovers o'er
    Some masterpiece awhile,... more »

  • The Chase Of Ages

    Light of my lives! Is the time not yet?
    Lo, I've brooded on a star
    Through many a year, with the hope held dear
    That, in some future far,... more »

  • The Children Of The Sun

    The Children of the Sun are out,
    About the hills and beaches
    The stolid burghers halo and stout,
    The tailored sheik, the city lout,... more »

  • The Circus

    Hey, there! Hoop-la! the circus is in town!
    Have you seen the elephant? Have you seen the clown?
    Have you seen the dappled horse gallop round the ring?
    Have you seen the acrobats on the dizzy swing?... more »

  • The Clerk

    The unsoiled hand, the sleek, black coat,
    The senile, ledger-haunted hours,
    The knowledge that my freeman's vote
    Is humbly cast to please 'the powers,'... more »

  • The Corpse That Won'T Lie Still

    Aye, call it murder is ye will!
    'Tis not the crime I fear.
    If his cold curse would but lie still
    And silent in its bier,... more »

  • The Cosinic Curve

    Callithumpus Kevin Kerr was a young astronomer,
    Rich and handsome, eligible, sound and single,
    Somewhat absent as to mind, and peculiarly inclined
    To allow his love quest and his work to mingle.... more »

  • The Creed Of Old George Jones

    A little of fretting, a little of getting,
    A little of slaving and saving, may be;
    A little of spending, a little of lending
    And giving up living be easy and free:... more »

  • The Criminal War

    I am shocked beyond words!
    (Said the statesman. 'Tis crime
    That the clamoring herds
    Should seek war at this time.... more »

  • The Crisis

    Be-wigged and gowned, the Speaker frowned,
    And his frown was ill to see.
    'Oddsfish!' he spake, 'Do I mistake?
    Stands 'And' where 'Or' should be?... more »

  • The Crusaders

    'Peter the 'Ermit was a 'oly bloke,'
    The parson sez, 'wot chivvied coves to war.'
    'Too right,' I chips. 'I've 'eard that yarn before.'
    'Brave knights sprung straight to arms where'er 'e spoke.'... more »

  • The Dance

    'Heirlums,' 'e sez. 'I've 'ad the trousiz pressed.
    Me father married in 'em, that 'e did.
    See this 'ere fancy vest?
    See this 'ere lid?... more »

  • The Dark Horse

    Do you know this mysterious, serious Watt
    Who sits at the game with the cards in his sleeve;
    Watching and waiting
    While we're calculating... more »

  • The Dawn Dance

    What do you think I saw to-day when I arose at dawn?
    Blue Wrens and Yellow-tails dancing on the lawn!
    Bobbing here, and bowing there, gossiping away,
    And how I wished that you were there to see the merry play!... more »

  • The Day Of Unrest

    There ain't enough of strikes an' things,
    There ain't enough of strife,
    There ain't enough dislikes an' things
    In this 'ere modern life:... more »

  • The Deadly Dummy

    'It's the dummy wot done it,' said Bleary Bill.
    'As a child I was out o' luck.
    A kid in me pram, that's wot I am
    When they gimme the thing to suck.... more »