• I Have Left

    I kiss your forehead
    And stroke your hair.
    I say 'goodbye'.
    And start to cry.... more »

  • I Hope

    I hope he's not like me
    I hope he'll always be there
    I hope he can truly see
    The love you share... more »

  • I Just Can'T

    I just can't hold you anymore
    My arms wont reach out that far
    I just can't hold you anymore... more »

  • I Just Can'T Wait To See Her Again

    I really miss my girl
    With all her warm long hugs
    And eyes as bright as a pearl
    I just can't wait to see her again... more »

  • I Just Dream

    When I feel down
    When I can't sleep
    When I'm holding back a frown
    Right before I start to weep... more »

  • I May Not Be Perfect

    I may not be the perfect man
    But I'll be by your side whenever I can
    I'll always be there for you
    Whenever your feeling down and blue... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss your soft gentle lips
    Pressed up against mine.
    And the way we rub our fingertips.
    Our love...I can't even define.... more »

  • I Need You

    My life right now is perfect
    But I still need you more then ever
    You had too great of an affect
    I need you in my life forever... more »

  • I'Ll Be There

    Whenever you want a hug
    I'll be there to hold you tight
    Whenever you need someone
    I'll be there by your side... more »

  • I'Ll Never Leave

    I'll never leave
    I'll always stay
    Hope you believe
    The words I say... more »

  • I'M Not Perfect

    I'm not perfect
    And I don't think I ever will be
    But I'll be there for you
    I can give everything I have to give... more »

  • Internal Flame

    Finding true love is like
    Getting an internal flame
    That always burns for her
    Deep inside your chest... more »

  • It Takes Just One Look

    It takes just one look into her eyes
    To make me despise
    Any and every thought towards any other women
    I had ever had in my life.... more »

  • Jelly Beans

    I love my jelly beans
    I even love machines
    That make my jelly beans... more »

  • Just For You

    Just for you
    I would cry a river.
    It would be the size of the Nile.
    And it would only take me a short while.... more »

  • Just Remember I Love You

    When you're feeling down and blue
    Just remember I love you.
    When people have been mean and untrue
    Just remember I love you.... more »

  • Knowing You Love Me

    Knowing you love me
    Is all I need to know.
    When you kissed me
    That's all it took to show.... more »

  • Left In The Rain

    You run away in the rain.
    I feel like an ass.
    My heart is in such pain.
    If only I showed some class.... more »

  • Let's Take A Walk

    Let's take a walk
    We can go back down to the stream
    We'll be able to talk
    Like how our future together will seem... more »

  • Making Sure

    When a man loves a women
    As much as I love you
    He's willing to do anything it takes
    To make sure she isn't blue... more »

  • Marry Me

    Waking up staring into your face
    Is all I want in my life
    You and me in our own place
    Husband and wife... more »

  • My Day

    I open my eyes
    To the morning sunrise
    After dreaming of her
    And how great off we are... more »

  • My Plan

    I will walk with you on the beach.
    For the entire walk I will hold your hand.
    You will know my heart is within reach.
    For hours we will lay down on the sand.... more »

  • Never Look Back And Never Wonder Why

    I dug myself very deep
    In this relationship of mine
    No turning back for me
    I've already crossed the line... more »

  • Our Brake Up Day: My Day Off

    I guess I was just too reckless.
    You broke up with me and threw away my gift.
    My beautiful diamond necklace.
    Now I can dropp my night shift.... more »