The writer, Claude H. A. Simpson ‘Teachzz' is a product of the College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST) now known as the University of Technology (UTECH) , University of the West Indies (UWI) and Nova Southeastern University (NSU) . At CAST he studied industrial technology – construction. At UWI he studied natural sciences and education and at NSU he studied mathematics and education at the graduate level and instructional technology at the postgraduate level.
Claude Simpson is an optimist and a realist. He strongly believes in life- long learning ‘the triple l’s’. He was acknowledged by Dr. Donald P. Ely in his book, Trends in Technology,2000; for assisting with research on topics in technology at NSU. Claude Simpson has been teaching mathematics for more than twenty five years both at the high school level and the college level. He is a former lecturer at Saint Joseph’s Teachers’ College and the College of Agriculture, Science and Education; Jamaica West Indies. He also taught at Kingston College, Guy’s Hill High School and Kingston Technical High School; Jamaica West Indies. In the USA he taught at Archbishop Curley Notre-Dame High School – Miami, Florida and Saint John’s High School – Charleston, South Carolina.
Claude Simpson is particularly fond of the topic ‘numeration’ but spends most of his time doing calculus. He has some unpublished writings which will soon be out to the public. Among the forthcoming materials are; the Technologies of Our Era, Basic Concepts of Geometry, Basic Concepts of Trigonometry and Basic Concepts of Calculus.
Since 2008 Teachzz has shown an interest in poetry and has been writing poems as a pastime....


Claude Simpson Poems

Cry For My People

Can you feel the wave of destruction of people suffering?
Throughout cities in troubled countries, gruesome sights of people dying.
The blame game continues as the war is spreading;
Like a contagious disease, to all areas the turmoil is heading.... more »

Loving You

Sneaking into my dreams
And creating some thrilling scenes
With soothing, comforting heat;
Making my heart skipping the beat.... more »

Life Of A Tree

Living as a tree is a bit refreshing
Never have to work or make a living;... more »

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