• A Homework

    We were told to draw a portrait at our choice
    but we were send only words.
    The beggar was still there, near the apple-tree in blossom,
    punished to count stars or to assist the leaves' death.... more »

  • A Picture

    Life, blank page, begs for these only words,
    till dark wings will wander and laugh.
    Humans are grabbing all the pink birds
    in their pockets already full of stuff.... more »

  • Going

    Of all these beauties
    nothing is coming to me anymore.
    I should yield, thank, enjoy
    but a tired voice is... more »

  • Hide

    Yes, I decided:
    I will hide myself.
    Don't try to search for me,
    This is not a joke.... more »

  • Joy Giver

    There is no one to describe what I see,
    my soul is still crying the joy
    also this morning,
    as yesterday and tomorrow.... more »

  • Let's See

    He is not hiding, in His mercy
    we find Him reflected
    in everything alive and joyful
    on this earth.... more »

  • Life's Colors

    The leaves tremble as they would talk
    before November arrival in town,
    some branches take their chance to look
    the painting in yellow and brown.... more »

  • Living The Poem

    I get close to the life
    listening its song night and day
    but I must needs go
    before my dream lessen.... more »

  • Pandora' Box

    I think having lost my laugh
    these days when they confounded
    Earth with Pandora’s box.
    I’ve shared my memories... more »

  • The Feast

    Close all the windows,
    then take a jewelers box.... more »

  • The Journey

    Silver voices are asking you
    To go on
    Right now... more »

  • Waves

    High lines,
    Picturing water,
    No door to escape.
    But waiting... more »