call me claudge. im 23 years old. i love to write. and i aim to write a story.


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I wish to die. begging to be dead.
spare my life in a cotillion soldiers
very sad and useless life
i live to hurt and to feel pain,... more »

The Story Telling, Never Once Told

.Never once told by the creator. The god and goddesses of the sun, the moon and the air and earth.... more »

Chronic, Cycle To The Way

what is the best way to tamed a lie?
all it does is to stick it away from you
i feel your pain, i feel your sorrow
but when time in us comes, look at the core... more »

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'If I don't wake up this flower that has been taken care will die'
When the owner of the flowers that had grown beautifully around his house because he take good care of it like his own children he suddenly was not breathing on his bed then the casualties around him will damage. The flowers his children will feel lonelier and felt that nobody would take care of them any longer. They'll get sicker too they will suddenly fade and die.

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Bharat Liberty 14 Jan 2015 05:47
i loved the way you expressed feelings sounds really happened
Doris Cornago 20 Dec 2013 09:38
Hi Clawdea. I am glad to have known you through your poem. These are my favorite lines: this dark side that i kept fighting for so long that's just it, its all been there and has nothing to do with any other human Nobody can impose on you, or make you do things not comfortable or meaningful. A human being is complete all by himself/herself. I share this feeling, but also, that I need someone, and so must tell him, even if hopeless. I do not want to be bored with myself - it is best to be bored with somebody, and leave when boredom sets in. What if I get bored with myself? So, there, can you see the impracticality of having one's self for company all of the time? Can you tolerate mine? I would be most honored. Poetry is a good place to start a writing career. A story gets easier once you master the flow of emotions and rhythm of language. I suggest you try a story instead of a poem when the inspiration comes. I am a novelist before becoming a poet. You can see my first novel in, The Spirit of Things, an outsourced piece.