• A Moment

    Time spent enchanted, how easily these
    words flow, intensly beautifull her
    spirit bewitches, my pains relief, heart... more »

  • All That Jazz

    July fourth fireworks offered quite the spectacular light show!
    later we made quite the bang! insatiable appetites collided
    while moody jazz by gershwin assuaged us as we created
    melodies of an intimate nature.... more »

  • Body Talk

    Body Talk

    Light flickers, flashes
    candlelight on flesh,... more »

  • Breathe

    Non responsive, position, posture
    you assume, try to break through
    your outer shell, you won't allow
    me to be close, to feel your pain.... more »

  • Broken

    Broken thoughts muddling my mind, struggling to let go of what's gone
    namely you. looking out fingerprint smeared window, grey rain filled day lends to my gloomy affect. my inner turmoil rages.
    I curse as a horn blares from below. the day fades quickly into the evening rush hour of steady traffic along mass ave.
    I breathe in the smell of old smoke and stale sweat.... more »

  • Buttons

    Two in the morning, out from the house of blues
    I swagger, one of harvard square's finest
    stragglers, making my way to the squares
    numerous taxi stands, brisk january air hurts... more »

  • Cali

    My dreams mimic reality, I envisioned your spirit
    came to me as suns rays warmed western
    landscape, you arrived astride a wild mustang
    untamed you'll always be, both ardent symbols... more »

  • Canvas

    A canvas as smooth as silk
    beneath my fingertips:
    You sit and so unknowingly
    contribute... more »

  • Cat Speak

    Crisp chill wraps round tired bones,
    not much in way of movement, of any
    kind, except chattering teeth,... more »

  • Dancing Trio

    William Wordsworth'bliss was it to
    be alive in that dawn, but to be young
    was very heaven.Three inseperable, you
    most appetissing goddess, playfully aroused.... more »

  • Deserving

    you loved me when i deserved it the least. you cared for me
    through my sickness, you gave me your sympathy even after i
    i hurt you emotionally. you held my hand through fear of the
    unknown. you stood by my side while i faced time, you came... more »

  • Dizzy

    Holding me tight, we ride bareback
    along desolate, sandy white beach
    milky moon, has never looked so full... more »

  • Fingertips

    there is no satiating
    my hands
    when they are hungry
    when they need to devour... more »

  • Fluidly

    Water, transparent, it's surface reflects my
    image as if a liquid mirror.In this vibrant
    dream we play, splashing, one another,... more »

  • I Would

    I would like to know myself again.I would like to walk with my
    head held hi.
    I would like to to see my shadow in the noonday sun
    reflecting a confident stride.... more »

  • Lest I Wake

    ... more »

  • Letting Go

    Moistness brushes
    unblemished cheek,
    startling awareness.
    It lingers, spills over... more »

  • Longing For Your Kiss

    give me breath-taking kisses
    running your fingers through my hair
    as you hold me tightly against you
    our bodies flowing together... more »

  • Mistress

    Still sleeping, Sweet Mistress
    eyes closed to morning sun
    taking the deep red coverlet in trembling fingers
    i lift it away from Your breasts... more »

  • My Loves Like Jazz

    'my love's like jazz'
    Why jazz? Everyone asks,
    thinks maybe it's a crutch,
    but you have to listen... more »

  • New Dress

    You look stunning in that new dress!
    my breath catches in my throat, as you twirl
    around so I might take in it's full effect.... more »

  • Ocean Adrift

    My love for you won't abate nor subside.
    ocean fathoms in depth, just as fluid in
    nature.Having its own tide which ebes... more »

  • Once I Loved

    Three months gone, barley did I notice
    wrapped in grief, mrs holiday, helps to
    dwell in moods, good morning heartache
    anthem offers no reprieve.... more »

  • Past The Breakers

    past the breakers

    waves relentlessly beat shells into submission, they lend
    themselves to finer grains.... more »

  • Poetic Pantings

    You asked how poets make love with words
    I decided to show you not by mouth or curves
    Tonight I'll write my poetry across the canvas
    Of your body, my willing blinded accomplice... more »