• A Son's Tribute

    A debt of honor, I rightly owe,
    To the shaper of, my fledgling soul,
    Her hand with love, correction dealt,
    Compassion lived, and sorrow felt,... more »

  • Alone

    Alone does not describe
    A lack of presence alone
    It stands for intangible ties
    That do not exist... more »

  • Différance

    Pages turn, questions burn
    No way to tie the ends
    Concepts swirl, confusion curls
    The chords of my mind in knots... more »

  • Forgiveness

    I imagine I’m watching, that ghastly event
    The sky torn with blackness, the veil has been rent
    A parched throaty cry barely comes from my mouth
    Can this be that justice that needs to be dealt?... more »

  • Grief Encountered

    Grief’s the longing of the soul,
    For what might have been
    Pain the lasting mark,
    Of lost joy’s sweetest beam,... more »

  • Till We Have Faces

    The tendr’st flow’r of joy, alas!
    How feebly does it bloom! For I
    Have nought of beauty’s fairest dress
    That gilded grace that veils belie... more »

  • When Dreams Die

    What is a dream, but a persistent whim?
    It's a flight of fancy which flits and whirls
    But returns to try to assert its will
    A paper tiger, which by sheer resolve... more »