Coach Roth Biography

I have decided to publish a good many of my poems...It is the heighth of arrogance and self-conceit I know, but you have only yourselves to blame for all the nice comments you have made on them over the years(comments I have saved one and all) ...the book is '70 Feet High and Falling Fast: The Suicide Journals and Other Love Stories' is availble at and I ever sell a copy does not matter, holding a book of my poetry in my hands is worth the trouble...I went with Publish America...they take on all the expense of publishing and naturally, take most of what profit there might be...and they expect the author to self-promote...a fair trade-off if other publishers are unavailable...many of you who are far better poets than me, especially those with family and children might want to consider it so that you have a record, a tangible physical record of your great poetry for them to have and remember...anyway, thank you for your encouragement these past years...aI hope to start writing new material soon and look forward to reading yours...Coach