• Cigarettes

    A web will not circle
    And a web will not spin.
    However it can sit in a corner
    forever, waiting to win.... more »

  • Haiku

    ... more »

  • Heart Broken

    What I don't get about this girl is how she can make me laugh and smile but at the same time make me want cry.
    How is it that the same emotions that make me happy also produce this horrible lump in my chest.
    How is it that her actions make it clear that she does not want me yet her words make it clear that she does.
    What I don't get is how this beautiful angel, kind and friendly can be so cruel as to drag me along for the ride.... more »

  • Ode To Empty Space

    I sit upon the edge
    My legs fall of the sides
    The darkness waits below,
    Hungry for my insides... more »

  • One Year

    I dont want to cry
    but im standing right above you
    It sinks down to my chest
    and sqeezes out every last... more »

  • Rain

    The rain comes
    but does not go.
    It fills up my brain, my heart
    and my soul.... more »

  • Stars (Abnormal Thinking Atrocities)

    Sand on a beach

    would I be a simpleton... more »

  • The Clown

    Do you remember-
    Remember your dreams,
    Said the clown
    I don’t,... more »

  • To Whom It May Concern.

    To whom it may concern
    the drip of bloody finger tips.
    halts, impetuously, tousled by the wind
    and the slip from my bloody lips... more »

  • Words

    Sun shines on the marble floor
    You here three knocks against your door
    The reaper comes to hear your sin
    You strive against yourself to win... more »