• Eternal Fate

    Love has no ending...
    Beyond those who have Fate...
    Like we Knew... Love is what I was
    Searching...... more »

  • Eternal Love

    I may not be the one you want
    but I do hope I was
    You spoke to me once
    and I displayed a smile :)... more »

  • Evil Humans

    ... more »

  • Fading Sorrow

    a part of me was still in pain
    in your leave I desperately shiver
    traces of memories was shattered
    and my Life ended with a drift... more »

  • Forever's Wish

    So Far as it seems I swiftly search the Sky
    for you may see the complete form of my Heart

    I was with you for the whole reason I'm Alive... more »

  • Human Desire

    In the simpliest desires, humans are dark creatures
    they tend not knowing Hurt but keep doing it on to others
    despite the future they gain Evil and Despair
    seeking nothing but their own favors and request... more »

  • I Love You

    Did you hear me singing?
    does solitude of my speak reach you?
    I regard my thoughts leaning on you
    til the end I desperately Love you... more »

  • Journey Of Escape

    to where heaven seems to look upon
    days ended as light turns gray
    rather than thinking of those voices
    I prepared to Leave with my agonizing heart... more »

  • Love Light

    From way up above the night sky
    there shines a light full of hopes and dreams
    within miles of distance it has lit my ground... more »

  • Love Of My Life

    From somewhere out that Window I met
    this Girl who may Release me from my
    The First rather the Last who will See... more »

  • My Advice

    even though sometimes you can't help but think of a one thing that may mislead you...

    Everything else is much more appropiate than having the means of worries that can't be solve in an instant...... more »

  • My True Identity

    I came to see what is inside of me
    flows of mind deepen in confusion
    mild flowers bloom with nothingness... more »

  • Person Of Mask

    from the beginning I thought Life is special
    Perfect, as nothing can go wrong
    and dreams are there to come true
    chasing love from someone is a purpose... more »

  • Questioning Of Melody

    For some may have Heard it from...
    Every Place needs Distance of the View and every Sound needs Music to Perform...

    Listening to it should be a Desired Fate... more »

  • Reach The Wind

    Reach to the sky and touch the clouds
    Let your sorrow wake you up until dawn
    The pain of loneliness is your memories
    in such an obstacle that can't be hold... more »

  • Retreat From Death

    Rest of the sea and howl of the wind
    those who came must see my fate
    not to redeem my true signs of shape
    I kept on listening until you understand the shame...... more »

  • Sight Of A Human's Heart

    On the Limit of Listening
    through a bird's view I leap
    without thinking how far it is
    besides me I saw faint... more »

  • Sky Of Love

    It was you and only you
    to make me who I am
    I was born for you
    and it was destiny... more »

  • Soleiyu

    Lurking in the dark steps of a mist
    While both hands glow in faint
    It was a deal of an Evil wraith
    As I begun to make haste... more »

  • The Angel Of Death

    Feeling nostalgic of this world
    searching the lost in the blood lines
    I ended kneeling on the ground
    with my wounds carve in my soul... more »