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Little Squirrel

I saw a squirrel crossing the street today
With its bushy tail, little hands all camouflaged in grey
Lungs, heart, mouth, throat it is all the same
Conceivably slower due to a pea size brain... more »

Cloud Nine

He walks through a door and finds ravishment
Too fragile to progress, moreover bewitching to refrain

Every man is green-eyed... more »

A May Beetle Squeal

For the sun shows no mercy to the living and dead
A misleading truth is told in time
Young love satisfy
The stench of summer fills my lungs... more »

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Cale Conner 16 Jun 2007 03:42
This is a great poem, I have read poems from books, but this one reminded me of Robert Frost, because his poems, actually made sense, and weren't written to make money.