• Death

    Where do we go when our time is up here on earth?
    Heaven, Hell, or do our souls stay here and roam free?
    Dancing around, makinging loud noises, trying to get people to see?
    Do we cry, laugh, or both? Can we do those things we do day to day,... more »

  • If I Were To Die Today

    If I were to die today...
    Forever im my heart your love would stay.
    Through my mind your memories would flow.
    Wishing I could hold you and never let you go.... more »

  • To My Brother For Life!

    As time has passed us on by.
    We've both laughed and sighed.
    Always having fun to the fullest amount.
    Ive shared so many good laughs with you ive lost count.... more »

  • You

    If i told you everyday that you were beautiful,
    It couldnt really express it.
    If i told you that you were my world i would be lying,
    Because you are my everything.... more »

  • You Make It Possible

    You and I have a strong connection.
    In your beautiful eyes I can see the affection.
    This bond between you and I,
    Will never fade nor die.... more »