Cody Moore Biography

I love the sound the wind makes through my hair.

I love the sound the wind makes through my hair. As a child I watched and learned. I sucked up all the things my little eyes could see. No one told me you can't drink a tree or sit on a cloud. My father allowed reality to reach me very slowly. By the time I learned what was real and what was fantasy I already commanded the fantasy world in my mind. I did not have it the best I was far from rich and close to poor. The nice thing about not having all the money in the world is that you learn to use your mind to entertain you. trees become dragons and sticks become swords. I have always thought to much so I am told. I have traveled the world and sucked up everything I could. I am very happy with life as a whole. I am not morose as my poetry would suggest but just the opposite. I am in College now to become a high school teacher. As you can guess from my spelling and grammar it is not English I will be teaching. History and poli-si. I hope to take a new generation of children and not change who they are but open there minds to the world around them. Biographies always sound a little presumptuous. I presume that I am worth the few minutes that is took out fo your life to read this.