• A Head Ache

    I can feel you behind my eyes
    Your flames like needles
    You’re in my head this I know
    You poke and prod with sharp claws... more »

  • A Hole

    Softly as the wind blows
    A whistling can be heard
    A sound like time crying
    A sound so mournful... more »

  • A Mind Astray

    Slowly my mind slipped away
    So slow I didn’t even notice it go
    I looked for it around the world
    Gave up in the American mid west... more »

  • Bars

    Standing in my prison cell
    The bars that hold me
    I run my hands across them
    I study the chipped paint... more »

  • Dark And Swirling

    My hair floats by my face
    It moves like smoke from a cigarette
    Warmth engulfs my body, fluid
    Calm and peaceful in the dark... more »

  • Demons Food

    I can feel the demons at my side
    Unseen but not unfelt, they tear at me
    As dogs tear at raw meat so is my soul
    Pain ravishes my body... more »

  • Edgars Death Bed

    I lay here longing for death
    The peace that rides on his back

    My body broken with sickness... more »

  • Final Letter Home

    Oh my love my dearest love
    I long to embrace you once again
    To hold your body tight
    I long to smell your sweet fragrance... more »

  • Flavor My Fantasies

    Pepper my dreams and
    flavor my fantasies
    In my realm of sleep
    You dance so carelessly... more »

  • Fuzzy Me

    There is a fuzzy spot where my head was

    I wish I could see me... more »

  • Guillotine

    A blade, in awe, such beauty
    Sharp as the devils tongue
    Falls swift as the wind
    Painless destruction... more »

  • I Morn For The Loss That Was Never Mine To Lose

    I sit in my empty house, walls mocking me.

    I sit with an empty heart, love mocking me... more »

  • Long The Day Seems

    Long the day seems
    Dragging through the mid morn hours
    Crest upon the afternoon
    Birds chirp leaves rustle... more »

  • Lust In A World Or Gray

    Slow and gentle
    As the snow flake falls
    Do my arms find your body
    Holding you tight threw the night... more »

  • Nothing

    There once was day
    Were there was a man
    Who on this day thought
    Of nothing... more »

  • Oh My Wayward Star

    Oh my wayward star
    From the heavens above through the night sky
    I seen you fall to earth in a blaze of glory
    Blinded by your beauty Consumed by desire... more »

  • Paint On My Canvas

    Paint moves and flows on my canvas
    Mixes and becomes on my canvas
    Images show an disappear on my canvas... more »

  • Prisoner Inside

    Melt floor, blow away walls
    For you have embodied and captured
    The screaming soul that is me
    Even sunlight cast grey eyes on me... more »

  • Serpentine

    Dark in the forest the sun dose not shine
    Slowly in the night the snake walks
    Hark in the sky an angle dose look
    Down in my soul the death starts to infest... more »

  • Simplicity Of The Battle

    When on the battle fields the blood pools together,
    How do we know theirs from ours.
    The sun bakes the ground
    The earth drink the last dropp just the same... more »

  • Static

    Trees in the distance
    With leaves twisting in the wind
    Reflecting the sun
    The leaves look like silent static... more »

  • The Blood Of My Brethren

    The blood of my brethren
    Flows like river to the sea
    Painting my eyes red
    Turning my thoughts to death... more »

  • The Depths

    Despair seeps into my soul
    Like a water logged tree
    I sink to the depths of humanity
    Darkness is ultimate and whole... more »

  • The Forest Through The Trees

    To my friend who wishes
    To sleep for ever more
    We are the forest
    But through the trees... more »

  • The Last Moment

    If a bullet were to find me
    In its mid flight
    I shall join my brethren
    In there everlasting night... more »